The Teams: Ramsbottom Third XI


  • Jack Thomond | Bowler

    Jack Thomond


    A promising opening bowler who like, most other bowlers, fancies himself as a batter. With a new set of shins he could start knocking on the First XI door as well as the T20 team

  • Ben Wilkinson | Wicket-Keeper/Right-Handed Batsman

    Ben Wilkinson

    Wicket-Keeper/Right-Handed Batsman

    Ben is probably known best for his "unusual" batting technique that is far from that in the John Steel handbook. However on his day he can take a game away from you in the blink of an eye with a classic baseball style straight drive, even if he does run you out along the way Nickname: Wilko

  • John Fox | Professional

    John Fox


    Elegant opening bowler who consistently manages to unnerve / amuse his opponents with his variety of deliveries and intimidating manner. A swashbuckling batsman with no regard for his averages or any set style, john prefers to bat lower down the order to reduce wear on his bat and to avoid running between the wickets. Nickname: none that are printable

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  • Ryan Storey | All rounder

    Ryan Storey

    All rounder

    Ryan is a lively character both on and off the field, his cricket has really come on over the past few seasons and with more hard work could start to cement a place in the Second XI