The Teams: Ramsbottom Traders


  • Game: Tigers @ Rammy

    Training: n/a

    Reminder: Orange kit. £20 annual Subs due, and as close to six start as possible

    Team Selection: from Leigh, Moz, Ste, Kelvin, Ian, Cuppers, Gordy, Gary, Richard, GH, Mike, Stu 12th man

Rammy Traders

There has been a "Ramsbottom Tradesman's Cricket Team" in existance since the late 19th Century. The team's current incarnation was formed as result of a (potentially drunken) conversation between Paul Morris and Stephen Ryan of the Chocolate Café with Stuart Rothwell from The Vineyard. A mutual love of the game of Cricket was combined with a frustration at the lack of opportunities for people of a certain age, ability and thwarted ambition within the town.

Word of mouth spread and a loose game, arranged against a village team from Bolton by Bowland, soon followed. This led to a hastily organised training session, with shared equipment, down at the perfect playing surface at Nuttall Park. It was soon apparent that there was a hint of talent but, most importantly, bucket loads of enthusiasm and they were ready for their first game. Despite getting beat quite comprehensively in the resulting game their passion didn’t dim: they had been bitten by the Cricket bug.

Over the last 4 years they have travelled the length and breadth of the land playing clubs of varying sizes and abilities - they also have an annual tour to Worcester - which Lee White won singlehandedly in 2013. As the club’s fame travels ever wider offers of games have been received from clubs in Vienna and Benidorm. Negotiations with the respective British consulates at these venues have started in conjunction with the local police and the team are hopeful that these games will be allowed to proceed.

However, now into their 5thseason the “Traders” status as a travelling team is coming to an end after playing their first ever home game at Acre Bottom against a strong team from Brooksbottom CC in the 2013 season. Now a fully affiliated team with Ramsbottom CC there will be more games down at Acre Bottom and a concomitant increase in the profits of the Club’s Bar.

The Traders now have a roster of close to 30 players and a host of loyal supporters who continue to follow them through thin and thin.

Despite recruiting more and more players, the Traders remain a social team who are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining the team in an on or off-field capacity they train every Wednesday during the summer at Acre Bottom and Tuesdays in the winter (from end of September) at Woodhey. Call into the Chocolate Café to arrange a trial or buy a pint for the team Captain Stephen Ryan and who knows, you could be playing on the square at Acre Bottom in the very near future.

  • Stephen Ryan | Captain

    Stephen Ryan


    A renowned cricketing prodigy, the world expected great things from Stephen Ryan. During his youth his name was mentioned in cricketing circles in the same breath as Sachin Tendulkar, David Gower and Ian Botham. Unfortunately for Stephen all this came to a tragic end one morning when he woke up and realised he was dreaming. Can bat and bowl a bit but prefers to wait to see if there are any match winning / glory opportunities before putting himself in. A Right arm "wait until the openers have worn the batsman down" fastish bowler and right arm glory hunting batsman. Nickname: Stephen

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  • Lee White | Assistant Vice to assistant Vice Captain

    Lee White

    Assistant Vice to assistant Vice Captain

    Industrial (injury prone) former opening bowler with the same accuracy of a Steve harrmison and Michel johnson love child! Infamous for a legendary 'unorthodox' run up that includes a 'tenerife shuffle'! Match winning unorthodox batsmen who regards his signature stroke as a thick outside edge. A batting average is higher than his mental age which prove very amusing post match. Nickname - Vinny

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  • Paul Morris | Trundler

    Paul Morris


    Founder member of the Ramsbottom Traders Paul 'Boom Boom' Morris made his club debut in 2009 after parting company with Farnworth CC back in the summer of 1988. The resulting 21 years in the cricketing wilderness only fuelled his desire to one day play at a much lower level. A flamboyant, if unorthodox, opening batsmen he can usually be found slashing wildly at anything outside of off stump. His 'grip it and rip it' attitude complimented perfectly by his opening partners 'prod it and leave it' at the other end. A one time quick bowler he has had the slow/medium trundle cruelly thrust upon him. He still watches in wonderment as the ball is flicked away to the boundary every time he drops one in short. Always an enthusiastic vocal presence on the field his knowledge of famous overweight cricketers is useful ammunition in the vocal battle that accompanies most traders matches.

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  • Gordon Hodgson | Batsman / Butcher

    Gordon Hodgson

    Batsman / Butcher

    Gordon’s batting style has been described as both fragrant and elegant; his footwork bares comparison with a young Rudolf Nureyev and his fielding to that of Jonty Rhodes. Unfortunately Gordon was hit on the head by a ball against Edenfield last year and as such the above description is very much in his own head and due to the depth of the concussion will remain there for some time. Generously described as having a batting style like Captain Caveman, Gordon is a merciless cricketer and one who only a fool would seek to aggravate by extracting the urine when writing his profile for a website. His natural cricketing habit is on tour where his social skills, street fighting moves and management of the drinks kitty is truly remarkable.

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  • Graeme Hawley | Team Celebrity

    Graeme Hawley

    Team Celebrity

    Graeme is a lovely chap and a popular member of the team. A true renaissance man, Graeme has many strings to his bow: Actor, Writer, DJ, Publisher, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur. When it comes to cricket, he has really got his head down and his game is coming on in leaps and bounds but just like the Gregorian calendar, these leaps only really happen once every four years! A true role model for social cricket, Graeme expends most of his match day energy in the mad dash to the bar after the game and is always capable of co-opting fellow traders to join him for an extra pint of Guinness and then bore them to death with his tales of woe of his beloved Coventry City.

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  • Ian Hayes | Defence Against the Dark Arts Master

    Ian Hayes

    Defence Against the Dark Arts Master

    Player coach, self-publicist and karaoke charmer, Ian brings many years of experience of competitive cricket and professional sledging to the traders teams. The team is grateful that he has lowered himself to play at this level and despite being one of the most loved members of the squad he soon becomes a group hate figure when he insists on putting them through fielding practice. The only member of the team who insists on a pre-match warm up, Ian is the patriarch of a cricketing family where sadly both son and daughters are far better players than he is. He has also allowed his son to Captain Haslingden CC – which is a highly popular move in Ramsbottom

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  • Martin Ashcroft | Smoker

    Martin Ashcroft


    Martin brings a metronomic and assured consistency to his role as opening bowler. Martin’s warm up consists of two cigarettes and two knee raises. Highly manoeuvrable in the field, Martin's all round dexterity has been compared with the Honda Robot / Bambi on the lake and he could certainly match Peter Crouch for his on-field celebrations. A popular accountant at Cowgills in Ramsbottom, the Traders can always count on Martin to arrive late to the game, slightly dishevelled yet raring to gut any opening batsman foolish enough to take him on.

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  • Leigh Dickinson | Opening Batsman

    Leigh Dickinson

    Opening Batsman

    Described as a player who makes Geoff Boycott look like Ian Botham, Leigh has amassed an impressive collection of cricketing accessories since returning to the game 4 years ago. Infamous in Rammy Trader's folklore for blocking the last ball in a tight T20 game, Leigh could quite easily be described as the only grown up in the Trader's team - which would astonish his wife. Signed by Ramsbottom from Brooksbottom this winter for the price of a pint and cold Kebab, as well as occupying the crease for the Traders again this year, Leigh is looking forward to working with the youngsters in the second team and teaching them the rudiments of the forward defensive.

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