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Start times for rest of the season

Start times for rest of the season

Confusion over!

There have been questions raised and a certain degree of confusion about the start times for our games for the rest of the season.

Fear not, the league have come to our rescue to clarify matters and stop any unnecessary debate, worry or loss of sleep for us all.

Herewith a statement from the League Secretary:


There appears to be confusion regarding earlier start times towards the end of the season.

The handbook states last 4 weekends. However this was introduced when we played into the 3rd weekend in September.

We don’t believe there is really any need for 12:30 starts in mid August therefore we interpret the rule as being last 4 Fixtures.

Therefore this weekends games will remain as 1:00 starts with the 12:30 starts beginning from next weekend 25th/26th August.

Also there doesn’t really seem to be a need for 12:30 starts for Third team games in September as the games are only 40 overs per side and we propose 3rd team games should stay at 1:00 starts.



Sleep well.

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